Gareth Noyes

Chief Strategy Officer, Wind River

As Chief Strategy Officer, Gareth Noyes is responsible for overseeing Wind River corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions activities, as well as for leading the chief technology office. Charged with developing the company’s long-term technology vision, he has Wind River positioned to address the evolving market landscape and disruptive forces such as the Internet of Things, the virtualization of the network and the transition to a software-defined world. He joined the company in January 1999 and has held roles in various areas, including engineering, product management, business development, and strategic alliances. He also led the acquisition of Wind River by Intel in 2009.

Prior to joining Wind River, he was a research scientist working at various European laboratories and universities, where he developed expertise in complex embedded control and data acquisition systems. He holds a Ph.D. in high-energy particle physics from the University of Birmingham (UK) and a B.Sc. in physics from Royal Holloway at the University of London.