Mr Bob Afwata

CTO and CoFounder, Focus Lense

Bob Afwata is a firmware developer, maker, and software innovator with Intel corporation.  He is currently working as a CTO of Focus Lense (early stages), a company that aims to improve focus to the digital content we encounter on a daily basis by making a smart lense that is more aware of our environment.

He has experience with embedded systems IoT, firmware development, Zephyr, mbed Os, Coreboot and uefi. Also, he has worked with Intel platforms for more than 4 years from Intel Galileos and Edisons to Joule to Quark based Devkits, Intel Atom, and Baytrail for Coreboot and bios work which, he is very passionate about.

During his free time, he watches documentaries, hangs out with friends, reads tech journals online, and watches YouTube videos. He loves to travel abroad and speak at conferences and especially motivate young people to pursue a career in STEm.