Serge Lunev

Software Architect, Intel Corporation

Serge Lunev is a software architect with Intel Corporation. He received his M.S. from Moscow State University and PhD in computer science from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology before eventually moving to California in 2011. Serge has more than 20 years of leading software development, mostly in the areas of compilers, translators and development environments. His most known project in the past is Intel(R) XDK which in 2016 was #1 developer tool worldwide used for mobile cross-platform development (as per Evans Mobile Development Survey). In his free time Serge enjoys travelling across the world, hiking trails and spending time with his children. Serge’s current area of interest are tools for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) developers. He is a big believer that FPGA programming could be made more accessible for software developers via programming models and environments familiar to them, which in turn can fuel emergence of a new generation of FPGA-based applications. He can be reached at