Veli Kerem _Palabıyık

Veli Kerem Palabıyık

Co-Founder / CEO, FourDotOne Teknoloji

Kerem Palabıyık is the co-founder of FourDotOne brand, which offers efficiency and performance solutions for the use of industry with respect to Industry 4.0 standards.

From the very starter levels to senior and to executive positions Mr. Palabıyık has developed a worldwide carrier. With over 10 years of experience in digitalization and integration; Mr. Palabıyık serves customers edge-to-edge solutions together with advanced data analysis.

He has a strategic understanding at management level and as of today he has carried many teams of renowned brands to success varying in many different sectors and countries. In year 2013, he managed to carry a newborn company to Forbes Top500 IT Company List in Turkey with respect to its quarter sales at 2013, exclusively.

He has a rigid background in ERP System, especially in SAP; and he converts his likewise skills for the good of each brand; focusing on their local and surrounding conditions.

In his professional and personal network, he is known as a technical backgrounded sales guys specialized in B2B, MFT, EAI, EDI, Business Integration, E-invoice, BPM, Sales and Marketing.