Global IoT DevFest III

Challenges on Design, Deployment and Operation Within the Lifecycle of Large, Industrial IoT Installations and How to Cope With This


This session and demo will cover the challenges to professional, secure, scalable IIoT operations. Many IIoT solutions focus on provisioning of IoT GWs and attached IoT devices; they utilize common IoT protocols and methods (MQTT*, LoRa*, etc.), and address the data exchange between users, IoT data brokers, IoT gateways and IoT devices in the field. But, what industrial clients demand but is frequently missed by “IoT-only-focused designs” are:

• Service Assurance and deployment of the IoT infrastructure, provider and network backbones, access to IoT devices (infrastructure availability), utilization, and performance.

• Quick and automated information on IoT services and infrastructure status for timely reaction, service restore, security, and vulnerability tracking.

• Automated and timely “inventarization” and change tracking of all involved solution parts and devices.

Our demonstration, from the Infosim StableNet* demo lab, lays out best practices, and how these challenges are resolved by a professional management solution. Learn how to:

• Use an automated management solution to speed up your build and project deployments

• Initiate infrastructure and IoT gateway and sensor discovery

• Automate service assurance for IIoT deployments

• Use OTA SW updates

• Build a management cockpit for multi-client operation and troubleshooting

• Consider technical and commercial handling within the lifecycle of large, multi-client Industrial IoT deployments


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