Global IoT DevFest III

Time Sensitive Networking on Intel Hardware


Communication is key for the Internet of Things. Meeting industrial IoT (IIoT) needs – for example, operations technology (OT) installations like motion control – places strict requirements on network determinism. Proprietary industrial fieldbuses that meet those requirements have existed for many years, but we lacked an open network stack that allowed IT/OT convergence and interoperability between different vendor devices. IEEE is addressing this need through its “Time Sensitive Networking” (TSN) working group within the IEEE 802.1 Ethernet standard.

What is commonly termed “TSN” is the hardware implementation of a subset of the growing specifications within IEEE 802.1 TSN, allowing data-intensive and latency-critical traffic to share the same network. For example, IT and OT communications may share the same network and still meet the strict needs for OT traffic determinism.

This session explores the TSN basics and dives into implementation details, utilizing Intel® hardware such as the widely adopted Intel® I210 Ethernet Controller and Intel® FPGA options. We will introduce TTTech’s TSN solution for Intel FPGA, including Slate XNS, a powerful software tool.


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