Global IoT DevFest III

A Practical Guide to Workload Consolidation


The IoT in 2018 is beyond the hype curve and we’re seeing a variety of market segments derive business value. As these systems scale in the next few years, a fundamental change in the core plumbing will be required that will dramatically change how IoT devices are designed, deployed and maintained through their lifecycle.

This session demonstrates that understanding and implementing concepts of workload consolidation is key to scaling IoT applications. Workload consolidation has been loosely associated with various cloud technologies and is sometimes bundled under the umbrella of fog computing.

We’ll cover key concepts of workload consolidation, as well as the business drivers and special challenges of implementing solutions at the edge. You’ll come away with a fair understanding of terms, components involved in workload consolidation, and how you should start planning your devices and applications to be "consolidation-friendly." This session is targeted at business executives, system architects and IoT software application engineers who wonder if “workload consolidation” is just another over-hyped phrase.


  • Dinyar Dastoor, Director, Systems and IOT Products, Intel Corporation

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