Global IoT DevFest III

Context at the Edge: Sensing, Analytics and Visualization


The Context Sensing SDK for IOT is a Node.js, Go, C#, Java and Python-based framework supporting the collection, storage, sharing, analysis and use of sensor information. Designed to simplify the work of developers, system integrators, and prototyping teams, the framework provides an expandable plugin system for physical and virtual sensors, local and fog sync mechanisms, and general-purpose analysis modules. The code base is designed to scale from Intel Atom® processor-class devices to Intel® Xeon® processor-class devices.

In this session, two practical use cases are discussed: IoTAR: Combining data from IoT devices with the visualization capabilities of Augmented Reality unleashes new possibilities for developers in the Retail, Automotive and Transportation, Industrial Automation and Energy sectors. The IoTAR project shows how devices connected through the SDK can be visualized and controlled through leading AR devices in today's market, giving rich user interfaces in an augmented world. Adaptive Learning: Traditional education systems apply one-size-fits-all learning strategies and cannot be easily modified to meet individual student needs. Technology can help provide personalized learning experiences. Adaptive Learning detects students’ emotional states (satisfied, bored and confused) and behavioral engagement (on-task, off-task) and fuses them to determine each student's overall engagement. Teachers can react and modify their lessons based on real-time engagement data provided via a dashboard.


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