Global IoT DevFest III

Mastering Workload Consolidation for Challenging Real-Time Applications


Many of today´s applications across a variety of industry sectors require compatibility with more than one operating system. Often, at least one workload requires deterministic real-time behavior at minimum jitter and lowest possible interrupt latencies. Consolidating such high-performance, real-time workloads running, for example, in Microsoft Windows* or another general-purpose operating system (GPOS) in addition to an IoT gateway – all on a single multicore platform – can be challenging.

Guest operating systems executing various workloads in parallel must not influence each other. And, virtualization overhead for real-time operating systems must be kept to an absolute minimum.

This session details the impacts on real-time behavior, jitter and latencies due to simultaneous parallel access of shared resources. We’ll also cover the use of cache or advanced power management features. And, we’ll share best practices, including the use of Intel Cache Allocation Ttechnology (CAT) and other remedies to optimize real-time system performance.


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