Global IoT DevFest III

Harden Your Network


Great efforts are being made from all corners of the world to "connect everything" as part of the IoT revolution.  This creates great opportunity, but it also creates great risk. The obvious concerns are security, but it goes beyond that. How to manage the flood of sensor data? How to aggregate disparate streams of information, whether video or simple CLI responses from a remote device? How to prioritize low-latency requirements correctly? To cache or not to cache - that is the question? The list goes on and on. Up until recently, most of these network appliances tended to reside in secure, temperature-controlled locations. But as the 5G/IoT network expands into new places - the factory floor, outdoor transportation hubs, oil rigs, trains, farms, wind turbines, etc., the need for hardened networking products also grows. Join me as we review the devices that will monitor, secure, aggregate and set policy on the packets that are traversing the IoT.  Present by Lanner Electronics - the leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced network appliances and rugged industrial systems. 


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