Global IoT DevFest III

Intelligent Miniature Surveillance (IMS) Devices


Human lives are priceless. Through advancements in military technologies, many services become automated – but still, human soldiers are needed to fight and protect borders in dangerous territories. Even with night vision devices, troops are limited in their ability to detect infiltration at long range. Drones are conspicuous and attract attention.

This session proposes a bold new approach: an army of intelligent miniature surveillance devices that can provide location, detect human presence, and report back to base for an immediate trigger. Such devices are capable of communicating with each other using low-power wireless technology and can run for years on a battery. They are capable of identifying movements and sounds (e.g.; gunfire) using pattern matching, and reporting to the base station. This approach could dramatically improve accuracy and reduce the number of bombs fired – a cost-effective tactic that can save precious human lives.


Tags: ML

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