Global IoT DevFest III

Ethical Dilemmas in IoT Development


IoT is at the center of exciting new capabilities in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, retail, health, transportation, and the home. It is also at the forefront of public, industry, and regulatory concerns about data, algorithms and automation. News reports of algorithmic bias, privacy, transparency, and the future of work abound, and a new crop of think tanks, research institutes, and standards development efforts have emerged in response.

Ethics issues are easy to spot in hindsight but much harder to catch and fix early on, before harm is done. What does it take to meaningfully examine social and ethical issues, given the realities of constant build/test/learn cycles? What questions need asking, and when? What creative solutions have others found to resolve these issues?

This session will help you move beyond the media hype cycles. We will clarify the areas where credible researchers believe there is cause for concern, and show you some approaches and frameworks to help you know the right questions to ask at the right time. We’ll also dive into real-world examples where things did go wrong, and pose promising interventions that could help.


  • Dawn Nafus, Senior Research Scientist, Intel Corporation
Tags: Use Cases

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