Global IoT DevFest III

Cloud-Based, Coding-Free IoT Firmware Development with IoTbrix* from American Megatrends


This session introduces IoTbrix* from American Megatrends Inc., a simple, fast, coding-free, cloud-based firmware development environment for IoT devices. Designed for IoT developers, makers and enthusiasts, IoTbrix lets users:

• Create custom IoT firmware to power-on and bring-up IoT devices

• Work with intuitive drag-and-drop interface – no coding required

• Operate on a cloud-based platform – no need to license, install or set up an IDE or compiler

• Focus on project features and value-adds, instead of code

• Lower the barrier of entry to IoT development and speed TTM

Starting a new project with IoTbrix becomes as simple as dragging and dropping chips, sensors, actuators and other components into the web-based design workspace. It features support for over 200 sensors and commonly used software modules on a range of silicon platforms. Connect the leads by clicking on the pinouts and IoTbrix does the rest, generating the firmware image and the underlying code.

IoTbrix represents a bold step forward in IoT platform design by lowering the barrier of entry to IoT firmware development. It enables developers, makers and enthusiasts with little programming experience to quickly create prototypes and bring them to production.


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