Global IoT DevFest III

Responding to Active Shooter Events Using Dynamic Private Networks and IoT Devices


Many U.S. communities recognize that Smart Cities only exist when Smart Applications are built on a Smart Network that is open to innovation. Cities today are filled with technology silos. The true power of the Smart City comes when the city has control to program the network at will. This is only possible when the city can control the network and connect to any node on the network. 

This session will profile the City of Ammon, ID, which has demonstrated a Smart City innovation using gunshot sensors, security cameras, and a municipal network that can be programmed based on sensor events triggered within a school. The working demonstration can determine when a gunshot occurs and can also establish a shooter’s location. That information is passed to a monitoring service that determines what cameras are able to view that location. The monitoring service also creates a private network across the municipal fiber-optic network that connects the school to the public safety dispatch center. The monitoring service live-streams the event video to dispatchers, who can determine an appropriate course of action and notify first responders.
Municipal fiber networks do more than provide ubiquitous access. As a growing number of cities replicate the Ammon fiber network model, software-defined municipal fiber clouds will be viewed as foundational for allowing cities to innovate and deliver IoT solutions that turn technology silos into Smart Cities.


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