Global IoT DevFest III

ACRN* Hypervisor: An Open Source Thin Hypervisor for IOTG Usage


Traditional hypervisors are all for server, where it works with request-and-response model in big iron with focus on sharing CPU cores, network and storage devices. Unlike a server, the IoT system is quite different: it requires small, simple, high-performance and certifiable solutions. As computing power goes up, IoT systems start to consolidate multiple different subsystems together with higher performance and lower cost.

In this session, we present the ACRN* hypervisor, which is designed for dedicated IoT systems. It takes the advantage of IoT usages, and maximizes the benefits of multi-core and modern virtualization technologies. It minimizes the footprint and achieves high performance for both partitioning and sharing usage in IoT systems, making it widely applicable to different IoT market segments from small devices to large edge computing devices.


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