Global IoT DevFest III

Smart Fridge & Smart Shelf Real-Time Inventory Management


Smart Fridge and Smart Shelf real-time monitoring for efficient inventory management can be used in different verticals such as convenience and grocery stores, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. This end-to-end IoT solution uses Bluetooth*, WiFi*, sensors, gateways and a cloud infrastructure to track, monitor, collect data, and alert end-users of inventory.

This session demonstrates both solutions and explains the technologies, tools and protocols used to create each:

• Smart Fridge uses temperature, humidity, weight, and other sensors to track refrigerator conditions, power usage, whether the doors are open or closed, and identify the number and types of products taken from the refrigerator.

• Smart Shelf uses load cells, proximity, temperature, humidity sensors and an e-paper display. This application can identify the weight on a shelf, temperature and humidity, and how many people have come within close proximity of the shelf. With the e-paper display, the color scheme, product, cost and other display attributes can be changed locally or remotely.


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