Global IoT DevFest III

A Microservice Approach to IoT Edge Computing


Flexibility and interoperability in the field of IoT software is a paramount objective. The mix of platforms, “things,” edge analytics, etc. that are connected in an IoT deployment is extensive and ever growing. How do you create a software platform that connects to a variety of greenfield and brownfield sensors, incorporates various edge analytics, and communicates to a diverse set of cloud and enterprise platforms? The solution, as exhibited in EdgeX Foundry*, an open source, vendor neutral IoT platform, is to use a microservice architecture.

In this session, you’ll learn about EdgeX Foundry and a microservices architecture can help:

• Address the challenges of dealing with the IoT protocol soup (Modbus*, BACnet*, BLE, Zigbee*, MQTT, OPC-UA*, etc.)

• Help organizations to incorporate use case specific edge analytics or event processing

• Allow for continual improvements and upgrades of various parts of the IoT solution without requiring a redo of the entire platform

• Allow for value additions into your IoT solution in order to maximize return on investment

• Maximize the utilization of available resources which tend to be more constrained at the edge

No software architecture is a silver bullet. The presentation will also explore other challenges (and lessons learned) that a microservices IoT architecture introduces. Those challenges to be addressed include dealing with orchestration/deployment, security and additional communication latency.


  • James White, IoT Platform Development Team Lead, Dell Technologies Inc.

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